Monday, May 22, 2000

Judge Bans the Declaration of Independence

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was able to convince a judge in Kentucky to order the removal of some of our most cherished documents from schools and court houses. Some of the items affected by the ruling were the Ten Commandments, the Mayflower Compact, the Preamble to the Constitution of Kentucky, the Declaration of Independence and the national motto, “In God we Trust.” According to some very vocal secular humanists in our society, such blatantly religious displays send the wrong message to the masses that America has an unhealthy reliance on Judeo-Christian value systems in civic life. Additionally, humanists complained that those documents were designed with the express purpose of promoting Christianity. For the greater good of all, and with the pressing need to eliminate all forms of discrimination against a good but down-trodden minority, one of our judges ruled that we should remove such dangerous documents from public view.

How is it that a red-blooded American judge can make such a ruling? The answer isn’t difficult to find. Members of an unconcerned and uninterested silent majority voted for certain representatives who then turned around and appointed this judge to office. Our representatives and our judges are our political servants. They have been put into office to do our bidding. We, the people have the power to be in total control of our destiny. If we find that our representatives are controlling us, instead of us controlling them, it is because we have permitted them to do so.

To a great degree, this judge only paid attention to one side of the story. Had the Christian majority stood up and made its voice heard, the judge may have decided on an entirely different ruling. Had the silent Christian majority done its part, this judge may never have been appointed to her position of power in the first place. Sadly though, the small but vocal minority is the only segment of our society that is expressing any real convictions. The small but vocal minority is the only segment of our society that is being heard. The rest of us are content to silently sit in our living rooms and permit those in the minority to control us. When the majority is silent on an issue, they are in fact screaming loud and clear that they have absolutely no convictions on that issue.