Friday, May 13, 2011

Politically Correct Ten Commandments

What would it have been like if Moses was a card-carrying member of the ACLU? Try to imagine what the Ten Commandments may have looked like if they were written from a politically correct viewpoint. Perhaps the document would have looked like this:

Ten Suggestions

1.There are people who believe in the existence of a higher being, and they refer to this alleged higher being as “God.” For those who subscribe to this unlikely and unproven theory, they would be well advised not to believe in even more higher beings. It is difficult enough to believe in one higher being, much less two or more higher beings.

2.For those who insist on believing that there is a higher being, they would be foolish to create graven images of that higher being. Obviously, if the higher being is invisible, it’s only logical that an image of that higher being would have little or no chance of having a true resemblance of that higher being.

3.If anyone continues to insist on believing in a higher being, it stands to reason that he or she should think twice before speaking in vain about that higher being. Such an activity could end up being harmful to that person. After all, by definition, a higher being would most likely have a certain degree of control and power over human beings. The last thing a person would want would be for a higher being to be upset with him or her.

4.Other than days set aside for recreation and relaxation, no particular day should be different from any other day. No one should be coerced into believing that one day should be set aside in order to revere and meditate on some higher being that probably doesn’t exist anyway.

5.Honoring one’s mother and father is nothing more than a distant memory of days gone by. In this generation of enlightenment, all of our citizens should understand that mothers and fathers have little more than a biological connection to their children. Every person should understand that he or she is an independent being and should be able to do whatever he or she pleases.

6.It isn’t the best idea for someone to terminate the life of another. There is one exception to this rule, however. In the case of unborn and unwanted children, a woman should have the right to end that child’s life however and whenever she chooses. A woman is completely and unequivocally in charge of her own body, regardless of the alleged life that may be dwelling in her womb.

7.All people have the right and the privilege of engaging in intimate relations with any other consenting person, whether those partners are of the same gender or of the opposite gender. This right is valid even among those who have entered into a so-called “marriage” contract.

8.Taking that which belongs to another person may not be the wisest of decisions. Such activities are likely to create strife and misunderstandings with others. However, if you can deal with that sort of strife, then who am I to suggest that you not do it?

9.Bearing false witness against another person is totally up to the each individual. Freedom of speech is your right and privilege.

10.While it isn’t a good idea to steal another person’s belongings, it is perfectly normal behavior for one to covet that which belongs to his or her neighbor. How can a person get ahead in life if at first they don’t harbor a bit of healthy jealousy over that which someone else has?