Thursday, April 24, 2008

No Christmas Decorations on Campus are Permitted

In 2008, Florida Gulf Coast University decided to ban all holiday decorations from common spaces on campus. Prior to this incident, the Christmas tree had already been referred to as a sensitive-sounding, “giving tree” due to someone’s effort to adhere to political correctness. However in 2008, that area had been renamed, “giving garden.” After an upheaval from employees, the university eventually allowed staffers to display Christmas decorations on their desks, but not on their office doors, or in common areas.

Who is giving in to the belligerent demands of the humanist minority? It is the Christians who are giving in, and they are the majority segment of the American population. What we seem to be forgetting is that Christmas is our celebration! Christmas isn’t about Buddhists, Moslems, secularists or atheists. Christmas is not about the Winter Solstice either. Christmas is about the birth of Christ and nothing else. Yes, other groups may have holidays of their own around the same time of the year, but we are forgetting that those others are in the minority. Just as majority rule determines who our elected leaders will be, majority rule should be the only determination used to consider the manner in which we celebrate our holidays. If the secularists or the minority religions ever become the majority, then they will be able to make their own determination on how to celebrate the holidays. It is an alarming irony that if Christians don’t begin standing up for their rights, the secularists will soon become the majority.

Monday, March 31, 2008

What Do I See?

I opened up our album,
And what did I see?
A youthful picture of you and me.

When I turned the page,
A different picture, I did see.
Instead of two, I saw three

Then I turned another.
Were there really more?
Sure enough, I saw four.

Time continued to travel on.
One child grew up, didn’t she.
On the next page I saw only three

We didn’t stay three for long.
For, married he was to be.
Again, it was just you and me.

The years continued to march by.
Turning several more pages, what did I see?
I saw a much older you and me.

Over the years, we took on each other’s traits.
I became you, don’t you see?
And you became me.

Now, we are one and the same.
When I see myself, I also see thee,
When I see you, I also see me.

Could I imagine a life without us two?
I turned another page and what did I see?
A blank page, showing neither you, nor me.

If it weren’t for you to share my life,
I’d only be a blank page.
Nothing to see, nothing to be.

My love, if I don’t have you,
I also don’t have me.

April, 2006

Thursday, January 3, 2008

You Are Always With Me

Whatever I do, and wherever I go,
You're always with me, this I surely know.

In everything I see, and everything I do,
I can't keep myself from seeing you.

When all is secure, and the birds break into song,
I feel your comfort and assurance all the day long.

As the sun bathes me in it's warmth and glow,
Your love and consolation warms my soul.

When admiring the Oak tree,
I feel your unmoving love soothing me

Like a pet whose faithfulness is unheard of,
You are always ready to serve and to love.

Nothing matches the beauty of flowers on display,
Until I see the delicate loveliness you express everyday.

As the ever-extending fingers of grass make a law complete,
You spread your grace and mercy to everyone you meet.

Like a sparkling diamond so perfectly reflecting the light,
Everything coming from you is quite a delight.

The multitude of stars, twinking through the night,
Is a reminder of your infinite goodness, and wonderful insight.

Like the moon, which guides me in the dark of night,
You are a beacon and my torch light.

All of nature reminds me of you,
This much is very true.

Happy Birthday Ginger!