Monday, December 24, 2007

Your Gender Is Whatever You Want It To Be

We have often heard the statement, “As goes California, so goes the rest of the nation.” California has long been the trend-setter for our nation. California’s Senate Bill 777 is setting up a humanist agenda that is likely to spread into all of the nation’s public schools within a very short period of time. SB777 requires textbooks, instructional materials and school activities to positively portray cross-dressing, sex-change operations, homosexual marriages, all aspects of homosexuality, bisexuality and gay history.

Shadow Truth isn’t content to stop there. That is just the beginning. This law also redefines the term gender. Until recently, gender had been defined as having to do with the biological gender of a person. People are born either male or female. But that simple definition is far too black and white for today’s humanists. SB777 redefines gender to be whatever sex a person wants to be. If a boy feels like being a girl, then the schools will be required to register him as a female. If a girl feels like being a boy, then the schools will be required to register her as a male. If a boy decides that he wants to be a girl, then he may be permitted to participate in any activities formerly restricted to girls only. Boys will be able to run for Homecoming Queen, and girls will be able to run for Homecoming King. As if that is not enough, boys who decide that they want to be girls will be permitted to use the girl’s locker rooms and rest rooms. The same policy will apply to girls who prefer to live the life of a boy.

Many distraught parents began speaking out against this bill. In its defense, one of the bill’s sponsoring senators said that SB777 does not create a radical new definition of gender that allows boys and girls to shower together. She was right to a certain degree. Senate Bill 777 only reinforces prior policies! Before SB777 came on the scene, the Los Angeles Unified School District had already implemented a policy stating that a boy perceiving himself to be a girl may use the girl’s restroom and locker room, and a girl perceiving herself to be a boy may use the boy’s restroom and locker room. Project 10 of the LAUSD clearly spells out restroom and locker accessibility in its Reference Guide No. REF-1557. Teaching against the discrimination of homosexuality is not enough for the sponsors of this bill. Teachers will be required to promote these activities. Schools will be forced to teach and support the homosexual lifestyle. Any schools that dare not to teach such subjects will be sued by California state attorneys.

The California sex agenda will be taught to our children without any prior parental consent or permission. The only way a parent will be able to keep a child from involvement in these policies will be to put that child in a private school environment, or in home schooling. But Shadow Truth doesn’t want anyone to be exempt from its deceit. In order to influence children who are not in public schools, Shadow Truth is making inroads to discredit home schooling. In 2008, the California 2nd District Court of Appeals in a unanimous decision ruled that parents do not have a constitutional right to home school their children. Should this decision stand, more and more students may be influenced by Shadow Truth’s agenda.

Christians have no business in the White House

In 2007, a U.S. judge ordered the Secret Service to disclose records of visits by certain Christian leaders to the White House. According to those initiating the complaint, visiting Christian leaders have the potential to significantly influence the President and others who are leading our country. Under their loosely-defined definition of Separation of Church and State, they are attempting to prevent Christian leaders from influencing policies and laws that are contrary to secular standards. In effect, they are suggesting that discussions between Christian leaders and government leaders are illegal under the provisions of the First Amendment. Shadow Truth wants to destroy any and all Christian influence on our society. Our Founding Fathers fought for our right to express our religious beliefs, not suppress them. If current trends continue, the Church will be excluded from everything meaningful in life and God will be no more than a mythical figment of our forefathers’ imaginations.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sexual Experimentation Being Taught to Children

SIECUS has many publications being used to indoctrinate our children. Publications entitled, Right from the Start: Guidelines for Sexuality Issues, Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education, and Filling the Gaps: Hard to Teach Topics in Sexuality Education are just three of their vehicles of indoctrination for teaching our children about sexual freedoms.

Humanistic teaching promotes sexual experimentation, premarital sex, extramarital sex, and homosexuality. This high profile promotion of sexual experimentation is not limited just to the adult population. Instead, very young children are beginning to be indoctrinated into the realm of free sex. Various organizations are attempting to lead us to believe that perversion is to be recognized as a normal behavior.

The SIECUS handbook, Right from the Start: Guidelines for Sexuality Issues is formatted for teaching children from birth through five years old. Teachers are instructed that children should know that masturbation is a natural part of being human. It states that adults should not deal with children harshly when they are found in the act of masturbating. Rather, the adults should be supportive. Adults are instructed that if a child is masturbating in public, the adult should acknowledge to the child that the activity does feel good, but it should be done in private. Then, the SIECUS handbook instructs the adult to help the child identify private spaces which are more suitable for masturbation.

One of the key messages being taught to preschoolers is that boys and girls should know that it feels good to touch their bodies, including their genitals. Adults teaching preschoolers are instructed that if the child is touching their genitals in private, the adult is to ignore the behavior. As for sexual curiosity, adults are instructed that occasionally children will be found touching each other’s genitals. In such cases, the adults are told that this behavior is not to be confused with adult sexual behavior. When children are found undressed with another playmate of the same age, the children should not be shamed for being curious. But don’t be overly alarmed at this permissiveness being taught to our youngsters; the teachers are instructed to recognize and interfere with obviously inappropriate behaviors such as oral-genital contact and actual intercourse. That sort of behavior is reserved for slightly older students.