Sunday, March 8, 2009

God's Internet

God’s Internet is currently being offered to all of humanity free of charge. Sign up now, and receive valuable features such as High Speed Internet, Instant Messenger, Spam Protection, Networking, and Wide-Area Hot Zones. There is absolutely no equipment needed, no contract required and there are no hidden costs The more you use it, the better it performs. You will enjoy the benefits of Unlimited Usage, Unlimited Downloads and Advanced-Search capability. Hurry and sign up now. This limited-time offer is good only until the Resurrection.

The Instruction Manual is widely available in Hard Copy. The manual is divided into 66 unique and distinct sections. The instruction manual can be very helpful when using the Advanced Search Capability. Finding, knowing and believing the 1,260 Promises, 6,468 Commands and 8,000 predictions will make the advanced search capability helpful, fun and informative.

Many Subjects are available: Health, Prosperity, Family Issues, Problem Resolution, Dispute Mediation, Protection, Advice Columns, Salvation, Love, Relationships, Encouragement, Instruction, Giving, Help for the Poor, Business Solutions and many more.

News like you’ve never seen it before. Have you ever hear the news but didn’t quite know what it meant? Well, God’s news editorials will help you get a firm grasp of the news, and will help you prepare for coming events. You will even be able to know some of the news before it happens.

Instant Messenger. Two-way communication with God will be available at all times.

Spam protection like no other. Satan is constantly sending unwanted messages. The more you use God’s Internet, the better protection you get from Satan’s Spam Messages. God’s Internet filters out most, if not all of Satan’s Spam. When the occasional Spam does come through, you can easily delete it without even reading it. How? By believing and confessing passages found in the Instruction Manual.

World-Wide Hot-Zone. Discouraged by how few hot-zones the competition offers? God’s Internet features a remarkable world-wide hot-zone. No matter where you are; no matter what you are doing; you are hooked up to God’s Internet through His fail-proof Hot-Zone.

No equipment to buy or repair.

Networking is Great. Where two or three agree on anything, it shall be done. The more people in your network the better it works.

Sign up now. Don’t delay. Get in on the fun! See your Pastor for an application.

By Larry Tate

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