Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who said, "I like it when the government provides for my needs?"

Today’s society is increasingly looking to the government to provide for its every-day needs. More and more, we see people with their hands out, asking for food stamps, clothing, housing assistance and health care. As the socialism state-of-mind creeps in and gains strength and power, more and more people are apt to discontinue striving to achieve, and instead, sit back and permit the government to provide for their needs.

On the surface, government hand-outs may sound enticing, but there is a price to be paid for such pampering. Everything in life comes with a price. Mankind is meant to work for his food, clothing and shelter. Socialism appears to be the magical answer that problem when it says, “Let the government provide for your needs.” When we as a society succumb to that plea, we will still pay for our food, clothing and shelter. How will we be paying for it? We will be paying for it with our freedom. For every new benefit we permit the government to hand out to us, we are exchanging one more freedom in payment for that benefit.

Now, let’s go back to the question at the top of this posting. Who said, “I like it when the government provides for my needs?” Perhaps you’d like a hint. It was said nearly 3,500 years ago. The Hebrew nation complained to Moses, “Why did you tell us that you wanted to lead us to a Promised Land flowing with milk and honey? Why did you promise us that we would be able to exchange our life of slavery for the freedom to do as we please? Why are you taking us to a place where we will have the supposed privilege of working for ourselves instead of working as slaves for Pharaoh? Do you realize that there are giants in the land? Have you seen the walled cities? There are too many obstacles between us and the successful life you have told us about. We don’t want any of that. We would be happier to live our lives as slaves for Pharaoh because he gives us housing; he gives us food; he gives us water; and he gives us clothing. Please Moses, take us back to Egypt. We will be more than happy to exchange our promised freedom in return for having our basic needs met.”

You won’t find those exact words in the Bible, but if you examine the context of the Hebrew mumblings while on the Exodus journey, you will have to agree with the above paraphrasing. What was God’s reaction to the Hebrews’ socialism state-of-mind? It was one of anger and judgment. There are those who say that Jesus taught us to care for one another. Sure, the Bible encourages us to help those in need. But it is to be through our charitable giving and personal involvement, not through governmental mandates.

Today, our society is saying much the same thing as the Hebrew Children thousands of years ago. “We are tired of working hard in order to acquire our own basic needs. We want the government to take care of us. If it means losing our freedoms, then so be it. If it means answering to Big Brother, then let it be. If it means that our every move is being watched and monitored, then go for it.

There is a price to be paid for everything we have. We can work for what we get, or we can give up our freedom and let the government do it for us. Just remember one thing; the loss of freedom is the definition of slavery. What sort of price do you want to pay for your government-supplied food, clothing, shelter and health care?

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