Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Belgium is now harvesting organs from euthanasia victims

Human euthanasia became legal in Belgium in 2002. Any patient over the age of 18 who claims to be constantly suffering from a physical or psychological condition may request to be euthanized. If the person is not in the terminal phase of his illness, his doctor must consult with a second doctor, either a psychiatrist or a specialist in the disease concerned. At least one month must pass between the written request and carrying out the act.

As of December, 2010, a new phase in this euthanasia practice has been adopted. Belgian doctors have begun harvesting organs from euthanasia donors. What started out as “compassionate” mercy killing of the terminally ill, has evolved to killing people who don’t have a good quality of life, to harvesting perfectly good organs for the purpose of improving the lives of other people who still have a desire to live.

Prior to this, it had been rather difficult to obtain healthy organs for needy patients. This new practice has the potential to increase the supply of available organs. One factor leading up to this decision is the discovery that 20% of people choosing to be euthanized, have organs that are of relatively high quality for transplanting to other people.

Society has evolved to the point that we now see those who are paralyzed, and those who are merely down and discouraged as nothing more than potential organ givers. Society is now telling us that if we are tired of living, in the interest of compassion for others, we should just kill ourselves so that we can help out someone else. Doing so, would demonstrate that we are utilizing the ultimate in utilitarian compassion.

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