Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ratification of Women’s Treaty could undermine American Rights and Values

CEDAW, the international treaty known as the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women was signed by Jimmy Carter in 1980. The only thing keeping it from being implemented into our lives is ratification by the U.S. Senate. Longtime supporters of the treaty—including Senator Dick Durbin (D–IL), Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Barbara Boxer (D–CA), and State Department legal advisor Harold Koh—have been pushing anew for the U.S. Senate to ratify CEDAW. These supporters emphatically insist that joining the so-called Women’s Treaty would not adversely affect the rights and liberties of American women.

On the surface, this treaty sounds like an innocent and much-needed policy. After all, we as a nation have been gung-ho on eliminating all forms of discrimination no matter what they are. Who in their right mind still believes that we should discriminate against women? Who believes that women are some sort of sub-human species that are to be ruled over by men? The answer is—virtually nobody.

Then what is the problem with implementing CEDAW? Plenty—that’s what. This brain-child of the United Nations is telling member nations to bow down under some rather ridiculous rules and regulations. Germany has been criticized for not providing the same labor and social laws to prostitutes as is given to people in other lines of work. Belarus has been criticized for recognizing Mother’s Day because that particular concept reinforces an outdated traditional role for women. Ireland has been criticized for its stereotypical view that the role of the mother is in the home. The Czech Republic was criticized for being over-protective of motherhood. Slovenia has been criticized because they have too few infants and children in formal day care centers. The U.N. feels that children cared for in the home might miss out on educational and social opportunities being offered in Day Care centers. This world organization believes that keeping children out of Day Care centers amounts to discrimination.

If the United States Senate ratifies CEDAW, American laws, customs and behavior will be under the authority of the U.N. This world body will determine if we are complying with their interpretation of discrimination. It will jump right in the middle of all facets of American life that fail to achieve their ideals. The first thing on their list will be the American mothers who stay home with their children.

The concept of a one-world government is coming into our lives one step at a time. If certain Senators have their way about it, we will be taking one major step toward that one-world government. CEDAW is but one player in this attempt to take away our rights and freedoms. There are many things going on at once, and most of us don’t have a clue about what’s going on. To see in a nut-shell the many seemingly unrelated societal changes that are happening under our noses, read Shadow Truth: The Ultimate Deception by Larry J Tate. This book will remove the shades from your eyes and make you aware of how dangerously close we are to becoming a world of slaves to a small ruling class.

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