Friday, February 19, 2010

Who's Standing Up For Israel?

It seems obvious who is standing up for Israel. First of all, God is on Israel’s side. Then there are the American Christians along with a few other Christians around the world. Finally, there are the Jews themselves. Well…at least some of the Jews.

Israel has many concerns in the world today, but one of their biggest concerns is a certain degree of apathy among American Jews. Content to take care of their own lives, too many American Jews have not insisted on making their voices be heard.

Like others in today’s societies, too many American Jews are content to offer monetary support without offering any other much-needed support. According to the actions of many American Jews, politely supporting their mother-country from the sidelines seems to be their only answer to Israel’s needs. The lack of American Jewish voices in the direction that Israel is taking is a grave concern for God’s nation.

Similar difficulties materialize in other societies around the world. The United States is currently traveling down a pathway that is contrary to the position of many of its citizens. For any nation or society to move in the right direction, its citizens must insist that their voices be heard. If the only opinions heard are the minority opinions, societies will begin drifting away from the cultures and traditions of those in the majority. This upside-down evolution of societal trends is both scandalous and suicidal. It must change, and change soon.

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