Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Is it Irresponsible to Have Babies?

Jonathon Porritt, a British government advisor has stated that couples who have more than two children are being irresponsible by creating an unbearable burden on the world's environment. This supporter of the Sustainable Development Commission and patron of the Optimum Population Trust believes that population control will have a greater impact on the reduction of Global Warming than any other program. He has been attributed to the statement that the curbing of population growth through contraception and abortion must be at the heart of policies to fight global warming, and that the government must improve family planning, even if it means shifting money from curbing illness to increasing contraception and abortion.

More and more, governments are being pressured to institute mandatory programs for reducing population growth. The British Optimum Population Trust states that the lifetime CO2 emissions of just one UK citizen are equivalent of 620 airline flights between London and New York. The Chinese government, which has had a one-child family policy for quite some time now, states that through its program, it has prevented at least 400 million births. China proudly boasts that its population control program has resulted in the greatest CO2 abatement achievement since Kyoto came into force.

The Optimum Population Trust produced a briefing which stated that the world finally woke up to the climate change problem in 2007. Continuing on, the briefing stated that one of the fundamental causes of climate change is human population growth. This influential organization purports that the most effective and also the most cost-effective global climate change strategy is achieved through limiting the size of the world's population.

Abortion is the new contraceptive. By steadily re-defining abortion as a woman’s right to eliminate that which is not much more than so much biological tissue from her body, our society is preparing itself to devalue human life even further. Britain has become the abortion capital of Europe, ranking fifth in the world behind Russia, the U.S. India and Japan. Teenage pregnancy rates in Britain have skyrocketed over the past decade with half of all pregnancies among girls under 18 now ending in abortion.

Who would have ever thought that governments would consider mandatory child-birth policies as the number one method of saving money and reducing the world’s carbon footprint? Who would have thought that one day, abortion would be a required solution to a couple’s indiscretions? Could it be that someday soon, the world’s most popular slogan could be, “Save the world tomorrow—kill a human today?”

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