Friday, January 29, 2010

Government is Watching

Privacy is rapidly disappearing. Step by step, citizens are permitting their governments to observe and regulate that which should be private activities. In 2010, it has been reported that privacy in the Netherlands has been drastically reduced.

Citizens have become accustomed to receiving speeding fines which are generated by ever-present cameras and radar machines located along many thoroughfares. This policy was accepted by the citizens because it seemed to be both civilized and efficient.

It didn’t take long however for the ever-present cameras to take on a new responsibility. The country’s police forces began using automatic recognition systems to spot car number plates which match people with criminal records. This gradual increase in privacy invasion was accepted because it was promoted as a way to find and catch the unlawful segments of the population. Initially, the police destroyed evidence of all license plates that were not tied to known criminals.

Recently however, police forces have been retaining all license numbers of automobiles traveling on certain roads. As a result, a large number of ordinary, law-abiding citizens are being placed on police records even though they have done nothing wrong. What is the justification for such an increase in privacy invasion? The police want to create a data base on citizens who utilize certain roads too often. This new policy is permitting government to restrict activities and infringe on the privacy and rights of all citizens, criminals or not. With this information, the government will have the means and the power to restrict driving time, as well as to tax citizens on the distances they drive.

But that's in the Netherlands, you might say. That's not happening here in America. Well, next time you get in you car, take a look around. There are traffic-monitoring cameras at nearly every intersection and every toll booth. The infrastructure is in place. All it takes for a similar policy to come to your door step, is for some government official to sign his name on a privacy-changing new policy. It could happen here overnight.

Little by little, we give up our rights and our privacy. With every concession, we the citizens, become weaker and weaker, and our governing authorities become stronger and stronger. Read “Shadow Truth: The Ultimate Deception” by Larry J Tate to find out just how much you and I have compromised that which we hold dear. Not only will you have your eyes opened up to situations that are going on right under your nose, but you will find out how easily you can reverse those grievous wrongs. To order your copy, find Shadow Truth description in the right-hand column in this blog.

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