Sunday, January 3, 2010

Today's Issues

Uncertainty seems to the in everyone’s thoughts today. Where are we today? How did we get to where we are now? Where are we going tomorrow? Is our nation heading for a decline?

Troubling issues are swirling around us and throwing us around like a tornado. We hear that human-caused Global Warming is going to change the face of the earth. On the other hand, we are witnessing record-low temperatures. Scientists and politicians on one side are debunking those on the other side. We, the common people are getting dizzy trying to choose which side is the right side.

The stock market is in free-fall. Gasoline prices went through the roof. Then they went to the basement. To hear our politicians talk, we would be led to believe that fuel prices need to go back up again. What? Up again?

Banks and insurance companies are failing. Auto makers are on the brink of bankruptcy. Housing prices are falling. The government is printing money and bailing out failing entities. The dollar is growing weak when compared to other world currencies. Our leaders are developing financial recovery plans. Economic fears are discussed in nearly every news article we see. Many of our leaders believe we need to pay more taxes. Others say we need to implement Universal Health Care. Social Security is said to be insolvent.

How can we deal with all of these uncertainties? Many answers are being suggested. Debates are getting heated. Which answer is the best answer? Who really knows?

Our government is going forward with its intended cure for our many ills. Is that good enough? As always we, the people should not sit idly by while others make our decisions for us. Each and every one of us has the responsibility to make our own decisions for our own future. Don’t wait for others to decide our fate. Do what our forefathers did in the face of adversity: press forward and do everything you know to do for yourself, your family, and your community. Make good decisions and go forward with your life.

There are many answers to the world’s problems. But, the most important answer is becoming increasingly overlooked. The most stabilizing force in the world is a deep and profound belief in God. Our proof-oriented society is drifting toward discarding a walk with God that was an important part of our fore-father’s lives. In addition to moving forward and doing all we know to do for our financial lives, we must also live for God like we have never done before.

God’s blessings will overtake us as individuals, as a nation, and as a world. Today’s issues will begin dissolving before our very eyes.

Larry Tate

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David Dominguez said...

I appreciate this reminder. Our faith should give us the assurance we need to remain at peace during troubling times. Enjoyed reading this post, and good meeting you on Twitter.