Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shadow Truth: The Ultimate Deception

Shadow Truth is a frank depiction of societal and political evolution. Everywhere we look, we find customs, laws, policies and other conditions that cause us scratch our heads and ask, “How did we as a society get to where we are now?”

All one has to do, is open the morning paper or listen to the news on any given day. The headlines are filled with events that just don’t seem right. Long standing traditions, laws and policies are falling to the wayside like autumn tree leaves. Political Correctness has become a worthy goal of our rapidly evolving society.

Instead of wishing a person, “Merry Christmas,” we are now being indoctrinated to offer a more politically-correct, “Happy Holidays.” Prayer and Bible reading on school property is becoming taboo. Prayer at public gatherings can no longer include references to Jesus Christ. Lawsuits are being filed regarding the phrase, “Under God” in our Pledge of Allegiance because such words violate children’s rights to be free from a coercive requirement to affirm God. “Separation of Church and State” has become a never-ending issue of contention.

It seems that without warning, we as a society came to celebrate lifestyles that we once considered to be very wrong. Today, homosexuality is honored and promoted. We see headlines about step-parents losing their rights to nurture children in their care because of their refusal to indoctrinate the children into the pro-homosexuality lifestyle. We hear on the news that some of our schools are now providing birth control to eleven year olds without parental knowledge or consent. Respect for life is losing favor among the people. Abortion and euthanasia are now considered to be an individual’s choice.

Much of the world has embraced the concept of Socialism. Surprisingly, the United States appears to be chomping at the bit to travel down that same road. Every day it seems that our society is increasingly creating an environment that encourages people not to work. The desire to excel is being eliminated from our schools. Playground activities that result in winners and losers are being curtailed. Valedictorian honors that go to just one student are now considered as unhealthy competition. Entitlement seems to be the new philosophy of society. Young mothers are encouraged to stay single so that they can be paid to have children. The concept of re-distribution of wealth is rapidly gaining support. The Global Warming agenda is causing the world to re-examine the “benefits” of Globalism and One World Government.

We have been seduced into falling for the most cunning deception known to man. We got to where we are through a seemingly logical progression of societal change. This change is being brought about through a particular development of policies and beliefs. There is a common thread of deceit passing through seemingly unrelated issues affecting our society today. This thread of deceit is called Shadow Truth. Our great land is now locked in the firm grip of Shadow Truth Deception. How is it that so many people in our society are falling for, and accepting such obviously wrong policies? How is it that we find ourselves obligated to comply with, and be subjected to such policies? How is it that we can be threatened by lawsuits if we refuse to comply with some of Shadow Truth’s newly implemented policies? How can these deceptive things be accepted by the mainstream of today’s society without so much as a whimper? How is it that we can wake up and realize that we have completely lost control of the world we live in? Are we so blind that we can allow this to happen to us?

Read Shadow Truth: The Ultimate Deception, and discover the common thread of deceit traversing the seemingly unrelated evolutionary changes that are occurring every day before our very eyes.

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