Saturday, January 9, 2010

Is your government in the business of attacking Family Values?

The 2010 Omnibus Appropriations bill passed by Congress and signed by the President may have some disturbing effects on the future of family values. With little fanfare, provisions within this law have the potential to devalue life, weaken our society and undermine our families.

Among the provisions of the law are the following:

Abstinence-based education programs were defunded and replaced with condom-based sex education programs.

A needle exchange program was funded which will allow drug addicts to exchange their used needles for new needles. Out-of-control political correctness is now causing our law makers to down-play the illegality of drug usage, and instead enabling the harmful activity by suggesting that they are in the business of preventing the spread of infections.

So-called Family Planning funding has been increased from $10 million to over $300 million, with the largest recipient being Planned Parenthood.

Through the back door, this new law is supporting China’s mandatory one-child policy.

Public funding for abortions in Washington D.C. was enabled.

A legalized medical marijuana provision was inserted into the law.

Step-by-step, our government is attacking our basic family values. For an in-depth view of the attack on family values, Read Shadow Truth: The Ultimate Deception by Larry J. Tate. Go to and also go to


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