Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happiness: What is it?

A recent poll found that Denmark has the happiest people in the world, while the United States ranks number sixteen on the list. However, before you pack your bags and move to Denmark, perhaps you should consider a few other statistics.

Denmark has a higher robbery rate than does the United States.

Denmark has a higher assault rate than does the United States.

Denmark has a higher total crime rate than does the United States.

Denmark has a higher suicide rate than does the United States. As a matter of fact, in the age group of 64 to 75, Denmark ranks #1 in the world for suicide.

How can these disturbing statistics be reconciled with Denmark being the happiest nation in the world? Why would the “happiest” people in the world be so prone to commit crime? Why would the “happiest” people in the world want to kill themselves? The answer may not be too difficult to find.

The questions in the study asked about six forms of positive feelings felt by the people in the last day. They were asked questions like: Did you enjoy something you did yesterday? Were you proud of something you did yesterday? Did you learn something yesterday? Were you treated with respect yesterday?

All of the questions referred to recent good feelings. The term, “recent” implies temporary. It appears that their answers referred mostly to health, prosperity, low unemployment and education. Missing from this list, were references to family, purpose and belief in God.

The “happiest” nation in the world has a much lower rate of marriage than does the United States. A lower marriage rate naturally points to fewer family relationships. This situation probably results in less attachment to one’s mate, and less closeness to one’s children.

This poll is obviously flawed. People no longer understand what the term, “happiness” means. They are confusing happiness with another emotion. To learn what happiness really is, and is not, read the book, “Shadow Truth: The Ultimate Deception” by Larry J Tate.

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