Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Obama's Political Correctness at Work

In a move that is being hailed by gays, lesbians and transgendered persons, President Obama made his first appointment of a transgender person to a federal post. Amanda Simpson, formerly known as Mitch, was appointed to be the new Senior Technical Advisor to the Department of Commerce in the first week of January, 2010.

Until this point, Obama walked a fine line when dealing with members of the gay and transgender community. He was widely supported by gay voters in 2008, but soon came under harsh criticism from many of those same proponents for not acting fast or hard enough to expand their rights.

Equality among mankind dictates that discrimination must be done away with. Consequently, we as a nation were right to end discrimination against blacks and women. We were right to guarantee the same rights to housing, jobs and opportunities to every person regardless of their race or gender.

Now, the term "discrimination" is morphing into a new definition. Now, the choice a person makes regarding the gender they want to be is somehow entering the field of "discrimination." Appointing a black person to a high position is a right, thanks to our anti-discrimination laws. However, this latest appointment falls under the "New Political Correctness" frame of mind.

LGBT rights groups are overjoyed at the "progress" being made by this appointment. Amanda claims that he/she is highly qualified for this position, and that qualification should be the only factor to consider for such an appointment. However, he/she is concerned that his/her appointment will be labeled as a token that was hired because of his/her sexual identity rather than on his/her merits. He/she has expressed worries that his/her appointment was merely to fill a quota or to appease the LGBT groups.

One of the first statements of this new appointee is that he/she is excited about the opportunity to see hundreds of other transgenders being promoted as a result of his/her latest appointment.

In looking at many of the President's choices, it is clear that the new political correctness dictated this most recent appointment. The President's choices reflect his promotion of transgenerism. This new definition of discrimination is deconstructing one of the most fundamental concepts known to mankind. This appontment, and other similar appointments are effectively asking the rest of society to radically reorder the ways in which our culture views "gender."

To see where this sort of re-definition of discrimination is taking us, read "Shadow Truth: The Ultimate Deception" by Larry J. Tate. For further information, go to http://www.tatebook.com/ or go to http://shadowtruthbook.com/.

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