Friday, August 5, 2011

Liberalism: Is it all that bad?

A person would have to be deaf and blind in order to deny the fact that our nation is slowly but surely growing more and more liberal as each year goes by. Entitlements are being handed out to new groups of people nearly every day. Welfare, food stamps, assistance to unwed mothers, head start programs, and government subsidized housing seem to be getting passed out to anyone who steps up and asks for it. Dependence on the government and its programs is spreading like wildfire. With little hope for advancement and success, the masses are turning to Big Brother for help and support.

Capitalists are being described as rich, evil people who hoard the nation’s wealth in a selfish attempt to prevent the common man from achieving even the most basic of needs. Rules, restrictions, threats of litigation, demands for handing out additional benefits and higher taxes are clamping down on business owners as never before.

What exactly is Liberalism? It’s all about freedom. Huh? Yes, that’s right…at least that’s how it starts out. It is a philosophy that permits every person to live how they want, work when and if they want, do as they want, play as often as they want, and believe as they want. That isn’t such a bad philosophy, is it? Maybe not, until one examines it a little closer. In a nutshell, it a philosophy that considers government as the crucial instrument for the identification of social inequities and then replacing them with programs, policies and support mechanisms that ensure equality among all people in all facets of life. This “me” philosophy results in a broken down society where “working” is a dirty word. After all, why work when the government is offering to assist you in every aspect of your life?

On the surface, such equality can sound rather attractive. That’s the problem with most people who desire all of the help and support that that their government is offering. “Our elected leaders are looking out for the common man,” some may say. “Liberalism and ultimately Socialism stands for the betterment of mankind, and the leaders we have chosen are idealistic, true believers in our overall well-being.”

Now, really? First of all, maybe we should determine what Socialism is. The common view point of Socialism is that it is an economic and societal theory which advocates governmental administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, services, benefits, support and wages. In other words, people are led to believe that the government is their friend, their benefactor, their “daddy.”

The actual definition goes way beyond that simplistic definition. Think about this little bombshell for a moment. A good percentage of our elected leaders are educated, rich and powerful. There aren’t many candidates who can make it all of the way to the U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives and the Presidency without being very comfortable around money and power brokers. Hence the first question: Why would our rich and powerful leaders pass laws that are designed to separate the rich from their money and power, and give it to the poor and needy? Why would these leaders desire to lower themselves to the level of the common man? Why would these driven and goal-oriented people want to give up the very attributes that made them rich and powerful so that they could flounder around in the same pond of neediness and lethargy that their “subjects” are helplessly floating in? Things just don’t seem to add up. Our leaders say they are changing society and redistributing the wealth for the benefit of the poor. But if they were to really do that, then their own wealth and power would have to be sacrificed and they would end up being counted as commoners themselves.

Socialism as defined above does not truly exist except in the idealistic imagination of the uninformed. If you were to look at Socialism objectively, you would come to the conclusion that this destructive theory means something entirely different than is commonly believed. Socialism is in fact, a clever means of fooling mass numbers of people into following a select few leaders to the point of handing those leaders political power, military power, economic power and ultimately, Absolute Power.

To be fooled, the population is given theories and promises that are palatable to the masses. Those who gladly accept greater and great government intrusion into their lives are little more than willing fools. The recipients of seemingly unending government handouts refuse to believe or accept the fact that their acceptance of aid is an act of transferring all of the advantage to leaders who don’t have the slightest genuine concern for their “subjects.”

Do all of our liberal leaders believe they are setting up society to make them supreme rulers over the masses? No, even some of our leaders have been sucked into believing the idealistic yet unachievable notion that all men can be equal in wealth, possessions and status. Some however know exactly what is going on. When liberal and socialistic policies are fully entrenched, a group of people will be ready to step in and capitalize on a population that is ready and willing to be taken advantage of.

It has been said that the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was in convincing the world that he doesn’t exist. Perhaps the greatest trick that socialism ever pulled was in convincing the world that it does exist, but at a level that is beneficial to the masses.

Just keep one point in mind: Socialism is far more than the redistribution of wealth and services from the haves to the have-nots. Instead, Socialism is a system in which there is no private property and all means of production and services is owned and controlled by the state. Liberalism and Socialism have but one ultimate goal: the enslavement of the masses while transferring great power and wealth to the few. People often infer that Capitalism results in the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. When Socialism gets fully entrenched, the gap between the haves and the have-nots will be even larger than it appears to be under Capitalism.

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