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ST Excerpt Chapter Two

This excerpt is from Chapter Two of Shadow Truth by Larry Tate

Chapter Two

Preparing the Way

Political Correctness

In our nation’s history, some very legitimate concerns regarding racial and ethnic hatred have existed. Our country, which was founded on the belief that all men are created equal, should never allow bigotry of any kind to go unchecked. Such situations need to be identified and corrected. In the past we have implemented the necessary changes in unfair laws and treatments toward a number of minority groups. We have made progress in many areas, however, a popular mindset that is growing in our nation today demands tolerance, acceptance, love, equality, and sensitivity for a number of groups, which express neither legitimate nor necessary societal concerns.

Political correctness has literally burst onto the American landscape. It is the knight in shining armor, which has come to the rescue of many groups of individuals who feel downtrodden by mainstream society. Below is a short list of allegedly insensitive terms and phrases with the more respectful, sensitive, and inclusive terms listed in the adjacent column:

Occult....................New Age

Black......................African American




Stewardess..........Flight attendant



Blind......................Visually challenged

Broken home....... Dysfunctional family

Dish washer.........Utensil sanitizer

Fat.........................Person of substance

Freshman.............First year student

Homeless..............Outdoor urban dweller

Janitor...................Sanitation engineer


Midget..................Little person

Elderly..................Senior citizen

Prostitute.............Sex care provider

This mindset programs society to be increasingly receptive to the ever-more radical progressions of change that are currently seeping in to our culture, today. When we accept and begin to implement these politically correct ideas, we become fertile ground for embracing tolerance, acceptance, and promotion of all sorts of questionable activities, immoralities, and value systems, regardless of their negative impact on society. The innocent appearance and often even humorous notion of political correctness is one of the baby steps that are propelling us down a road of obscurity where Shadow Truths prevail.

The underlying premise of political correctness is that we should take all necessary precautions to avoid offending one another, especially with regard to race, position, politics, religious beliefs, gender, physical weaknesses, or chosen lifestyles. On the surface, it would seem that the idea of political correctness is innocent enough. After all, we shouldn’t discriminate or treat each other as inferior because of sex, race, or religious beliefs. What possible harm can come to a society simply because we choose to employ such sensibilities? The Bible teaches us to love our neighbor as ourselves, doesn’t it? Yet, this mindset, regardless of its virtuous-sounding argument, is moving us steadily in the direction of destroying the moral fabric of our nation because it is not based on Absolute Truth.

In every society basic rights and wrongs exist. If the agents of Shadow Truth, humanists, liberal politicians and others can successfully cast societal wrongs in a different light, they will be able to advance their destructive causes. Satan is striving to convince us that the issues raised in their agendas are no different than the societal wrongs that genuinely need to be corrected. When we come to view such complaints in the same light as genuine wrongs against society, we will accept his deceit and believe the lie. In turn, we will begin to make changes that will ultimately unravel the fabric of our nation.

In our society, we would never justify outright murder. We all know it is wrong to kill another human being. However, if a person kills someone else who has broken into their home and is trying to harm their children, that would be another story. Our court systems would deem that murder as justifiable homicide because the circumstances that provoked the murder cast it into a different light.

Likewise, Shadow Truth attempts to take things like improper value systems and immoral lifestyles and cast them into a different light. It attempts to portray such behavior as liberties that should be viewed differently and protected by society’s laws. This is a daunting task for our enemy, but he has had a lot experience in this realm of deceit.

The cunning logic of Shadow Truth is that it builds its legitimacy on the foundation of absolute biblical truth. For instance, no one would say that it is wrong to respect another person’s right to maintain his own beliefs. Americawas founded on these principals. And it certainly is true that just because another person may have some very different ideals, beliefs, and traditions than we do, we do not have the right to hurt them, torture them, or kill them. This is the foundation upon which Shadow Truth grows. However, from that solid foundation of truth, Shadow Truth begins to whisper into our collective ear that civilized people should tolerate every belief and moral behavior of others.

After becoming accustomed to tolerating every behavior, soon things that are harmful to society begin creeping in and are allowed to go on, unchecked. Certain groups begin practicing immoral lifestyles that we genuinely detest, but because of the increasing pressure from society not to speak against anyone’s practices, we tolerate behavior that we hate. As a matter of fact if we look deep enough, we might even find that we harbor feelings of distrust toward the people who are engaged in such activities. However, as Shadow Truth progresses in our modern society, those who harbor such dangerous emotions as these are considered to be too unhealthy for a progressive society. Instead of just tolerating the behavior of these people, we are expected to accept their behavior.

After more time goes by, society eventually conforms to accept certain behaviors rather than just tolerating them. Then, it’s time for yet another progression of Shadow Truth’s deception. There are those in our society who we don’t particularly agree with, but we have learned to accept them and their behavior. However, acceptance of a behavior still implies a disagreement and distrust of that behavior. Even though we are accepting them, those groups can clearly discern that we disagree with them and distrust them.

Our perceived air of supremacy begins to make them feel uncomfortable and unworthy. Our unspoken attitude loudly proclaims that we are the moral majority and they belong to the amoral minority. Our feelings of distrust are causing those people to feel downtrodden and sub-human, and that prevents them from leading the good and happy life guaranteed to them by our forefathers. Our Declaration of Independence states that we are all created equal and we all have certain rights including the pursuit of happiness. Rather than just accepting them, why can’t we offer some entitlements and preferential treatments for those poor, unfortunate, and downtrodden people?

After even more time passes, Shadow Truth is ready to introduce its next step. There are certain people within our society who act somewhat differently than we do. While our preferential treatment has permitted them to rise in our society at an accelerated rate, they still feel that we are not completely understanding of their behavior. Why can’t we promote their behavior as a lifestyle to be desired? If we do that, then they will finally feel that they really are a part of our society. At long last, we will truly love our neighbor as ourselves.

There are many more sub-progressions than those indicated above. Each tiny step of Shadow Truth deception is so incredibly small and insignificant that it can’t be discerned to be the destructive societal evolution it really is. When viewed up close on a microscopic level, each deceitful step is characterized to be good, healthy and necessary for the good of mankind. However, if we were to step back and view where we are today compared to where we were many years ago, we would be shocked at the radical changes we have embraced.

Philippus Aureolus Paracelsus is attributed to the quote: “Poison is in everything, and no thing without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.” It may be a shock to some people, but the same substances that are being used to kill rats are routinely used to save human lives. Many times, the only difference between a death sentence and a life-saving procedure is the dose that is being administered.

Water happens to be one of the most basic of nutrients required by the human body. No one can survive without the life-giving qualities provided by water. Doctors often encourage us to drink lots of water in order to maintain good health. Water is considered to be an essential life-giving substance. There is no way, you might say, that a person could be harmed by drinking lots of water. Well, Philippus Aureolus Paracelsus just might disagree with you. Paracelus’ theory that the dose makes the poison suggests that any substance, no matter how safe or how dangerous can be a poison if consumed at too great a dosage. Consequently Paracelsus might disagree with the person who believes that any amount of water is harmless.

In 2007, a radio station sponsored a water-drinking contest. The listener who could drink the most water in one sitting would win a prize. What the sponsors of the contest failed to realize was that the consumption of any substance, no matter what that substance is, can kill a person if it is consumed in excess. The person who won the prize was never able to enjoy her winnings because of the little-known fact that water consumed in great enough quantities is capable of diluting certain vital fluids in the body to the point of rendering the body incapable of survival.

Shadow Truth has a way of doing the same thing. By introducing seemingly innocent and benign concepts into society, people are encouraged to accept these small and incremental societal changes in unhealthy excesses. Like the radio contestant who died after drinking too much water, eventually our society will have swallowed more change than it can safely handle. That which once seemed good and healthy will become a deadly poison and once that happens, society is destined to crumble and fall.

It is common knowledge that there is a moral, yet silent, majority in our society. This silent majority is so-named because of its tendency to follow along like a herd of sheep and not stand up for its rights. This silent majority is being convinced by a passionate and vocal minority that it should alter its own morals and beliefs in order to comply with the needs, beliefs, and demands of those in the minority. That is why a strong and mighty majority can be manipulated and corralled by a very vocal minority. Just as a lone sheep dog can easily round up an entire herd of sheep, so too, political activists can control the actions others take.

Therefore, what began as a docile and benign desire to avoid offending the sensibilities of others becomes the framework for suppressing the beliefs of the moral majority in favor of the minority’s position. With hardly a whimper, they discontinue offering prayer in public; stop mentioning the name of Jesus in public; quit publicly wishing others Merry Christmas; apologize for celebrating Easter; and remove God from classrooms, and public meetings.

Satan’s Multifaceted Attack against Mankind
The agents of Shadow Truth as defined throughout this book are attacking us on three primary fronts. The first theater of attack is focused on separating us from our God. The second is focused on separating us from our values. The third arena of attack is dedicated to the task of destroying our self-dependence and forcing us to be dependent on others. Once Shadow Truth successfully alters our behavior on each of these fronts, Satan will be able to claim his victory over mankind. Shadow Truth starts off very slowly and meticulously. By taking one imperceptible step at a time, Shadow Truth eventually builds strength and momentum. As time passes, each subsequent step will no longer be baby steps. Instead, the steps will be giant strides. Today, Shadow Truth’s march to victory is accelerating as in no previous time in history.

The above excerpt is from the copyrighted book, Shadow Truth by Larry Tate

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