Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Biometric I.D. card to be required of all Americans

All United States citizens may soon be required to carry a biometric I.D. card. Chuck Schumer and Lindsay Graham have devised legislation to mandate that every U.S. citizen carry a government I.D. card carrying bio-metric information on a microchip. The biometric information would probably be either fingerprints or a scan of the veins in the top of the hand.

Under the guise of controlling problems with illegal immigration, our government is considering invading the privacy of every legitimate citizen. In the name of immigration control, the government may be stepping into a full frontal assault on our basic freedoms. In their defense for creating such an intrusive requirement of the citizens, the government is reminding us that we all have Social Security cards already. This new biometric I.D. card will just be a little better.

A microchip on the card opens the door for the inclusion of information such as medical information, political affiliations, criminal or civil judgments, and with the addition of a GPS chip, all travel activity of every person in the United States. Via baby steps, we may soon lose every freedom we’ve ever enjoyed.

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