Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Uni-Sex restrooms coming to a school near you.

Following the tenets of Shadow Truth, the State of Maine now believes that the Maine Human Rights statute dictates that the use of “biology-based” restrooms and locker rooms is illegal and cannot continue. Maine is now giving serious consideration to implementing this new law.

The case is centered on “transgender” students who feel that it is their right to use which ever restroom or locker room they desire to use. Lawyers are suggesting that schools are guilty of discrimination when they prevent boys who perceive themselves as girls from using the girl’s locker rooms and restrooms. Therefore, schools cannot segregate students based on their biological identity.

The fact that a normal and straight girl might be shocked and offended by the fact that she is showering with a boy is not being considered in this ruling. Rather, this new ruling is completely focused on the rights of homosexuals and transgendered persons. What led to this consideration, is a case where a school “discriminated” against a boy by denying him access to the girl’s restroom.

Maine is not alone in this matter. Currently, Colorado, Iowa, Washington state, Washington, D.C. and California have rules, policies or laws dealing with transgender restroom accommodations. The Maine rules would even apply to elementary, secondary and private schools.

The Maine policy changes are in the news today, but they are by no means new. There are innumerable evolutionary changes going on in our society today, most of which the general populace knows nothing about. To discover what you’re missing, and to find out how seemingly unrelated issues are in fact intertwined into one disturbing movement, read Shadow Truth: The Ultimate Deception by Larry J. Tate. Go to for more information.

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