Thursday, March 11, 2010

School held hostage by the ACLU

A high school in Mississippi is being sued by the ACLU after it canceled its prom rather than permit a lesbian couple from attending. One planned to dress as a girl and the other was going to wear a tuxedo. The Fulton Mississippi school had a policy that all couples attending the dance had to be of the opposite sex, but the ACLU is seeing to it that such a policy is unconstitutional.

The ACLU sent a letter to the school informing them that there is a 1st Amendment right to bring same-sex dates to school dances. In addition to that, the ACLU stated that the Constitution’s equal protection guarantees were being violated. Forbidding this homosexual couple from attending the prom keeps them from being able to express themselves, have fun and make memories. Forbidding lesbians from attending proms is outright discrimination according to the ACLU, and discrimination should have been eliminated long ago.

Society is evolving so rapidly that two students can now control the majority. Political Correctness has run rampant on our country. We are now witnessing the times when the few can force their views and beliefs upon the many.

This event has been taken right out of today’s news. What else have you missed? You’d be surprised at the mountains of policy and law changes that are taking place right under your nose. Read Shadow Truth: The Ultimate Deception by Larry J. Tate for an in-depth revelation. Go to for more information.

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