Saturday, May 15, 2010

Laura Bush in favor of gay marriage and abortion

While pushing her new book, “Spoken from the Heart” on the Larry King show, Laura Bush dropped a bomb shell regarding her inner liberal leanings. She said that her stand in favor of abortion and gay marriage has been a point of disagreement between her and George Bush since before his first term as President of the United States.

She said that when (same sex) couples are committed to each other and love each other, they ought to have the same sort of rights that everyone has. When asked by Larry King if she could accept gay marriage, Laura Bush said, yes. The ex-first lady also told King she believes abortion should remain legal, an opinion she has held since before President Bush's first day in office in 2001. Laura Bush said abortion should remain legal, because she thinks it's important for people…

She even admitted to not being honest when interviewed by Katie Couric. On the day of George W. Bush's first inauguration, the first lady was asked by Couric if she was for the overturn of Roe versus Wade. Believing that her true liberal stand in favor of abortion might be detrimental to her husband’s presidency, she answered, “no.”

These statements came on the heels of another recent interview where she offered her approval of Obama’s latest pick, Elena Kagan, for the Supreme Court. Speaking of nominee, Laura said, "I think it's great." Kagan’s approval would mean that three women will be serving at once. "I'm really glad that there will be three,” said Bush “I like to have women on the Supreme Court…I like women to be represented in all parts of American political and civic life." Laura expressed approval of Kagan in spite of Kagan’s widely known stand in favor of socialism, and in spite of Kagan’s ruling that military recruiters should be banned from Harvard Law School. It seems strange that Laura Bush would support a greater representation of females on the Supreme Court even though Obama’s pick is known for her liberal policies. To Laura Bush, a greater representation by females on the bench trumps a person’s stand on moral issues.

Are you disappointed in Laura Bush? Does her stand cause you to waver? Do you feel that you don’t know who to trust? You can never fully trust another person. You must be diligent and you must do your homework. But at the end of the day, there will still be certain people who will let you down. Don’t use that as an excuse for you to give up or let up. Continue standing for that which is right. Continue speaking up about the issues of the day. Continue voting for the candidate who best fits in with the future of this country. Never let apathy rob you of your obligation to do your part in choosing the leadership of this country.

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