Thursday, May 20, 2010

Who in the world are "They?"

We have a habit of referring to the way they are doing things.
We love to complain about how they are controlling our lives.

They are handing out birth control pills to eleven year old girls without parental consent.
They are teaching evolution and calling creationism nothing more than a myth.
They are teaching our kids that it is no longer important to excel.
They are promoting homosexuality as the lifestyle of choice.
They are suggesting that late-term abortion is a woman’s right.
They have convinced us that political correctness is the gentlemanly way to be.
They preach that right and wrong is much too black and white.
They tell us that the Ten Commandments should not be seen in public.
They rule that Christmas trees on college campuses are offensive.
They do not permit public prayer to end in “Jesus Name.”
They inform us that one’s gender is based on one’s feelings, not one’s biology.
They tell us that we should have the right to end our life whenever we want to.
They tell us that we should create babies to provide spare parts for living children.
They suggest that the elderly should not have as much access to health care as the young.
They believe that they should control your money—not you.
They want to do away with national sovereignty and implement a one-world government.
They want to do away with your right to privacy.
They are responsible for this country’s slide to socialism, reduction in values, and the removal of God from the public square.

Do you have enough interest to find out who they are?
Would you like to find out how we have lost control of the world we live in?
You will be stunned and shocked when you find out who they really are.

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